Toleic Product Advertisements on International Livestock Magazines

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Morningbio has started to post its advertisements of product named “Toleic” on international livestock magazines- Feed Strategy(USA) and All About Feed(Europe) 

from December, 2019   
By this product advertising, we expect more of our potential customers in overseas learn more about Toleic, protected Omega-7 fatty acids product, 

and we would use this as a stepping stone to expand our exports to overseas market.

Toleic is the refined and highly-concentrated ethyl ester product of special fatty acids called palmitoleic acid, which is obtained from fish oil 

through the esterification, purification and molecular distillation processes. 

The special fatty acids, palmitoleic acids which is similar to the colostrum, DHA(Brain development) and EPA(Anti-inflammatory effect), 

they will bring the advantages like improvement of ADG, nutrient digestibility and FCR in weaning pigs.  

Morningbio pursue constant R&D investment and strict quality control to maximize customer satisfaction and for the better future of the livestock industry.


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