2019 UNIPOINT 1st Asia Distributors Meeting

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Morningbio team visited in Bangkok in Thailand and attended the 1st UNIPOINT Asia Distributors Meeting from 4th to 6th December.

Klinofeed is the representative product of Unipoint and is distributed by Morningbio exclusively in Korean market.  

Approved in the EU Register of Feed additives, Klinofeed binds wide range of mycotoxins and ammonia, designed to promote high, stable levels of animal health 

and productivity for poultry, swine and ruminants.

Distributors from 10 countries participated in the meeting and shared their business performance, plan of Klinofeed, and exchanged the latest livestock information, 

new product information. 

Also, the technical consultants of Unipoint, Dr. Nah and Dr. Chin held seminars on below subjects :
△ Calcium and Phosphate availability using Klinofeed
△ Mycotoxin effect on Immuno-Suppression

Morningbio will put our best efforts to understand recent industrial trend and adopt a new information by constant interaction with our global partners 

to support better animal nutrition that benefit animals, producers and the environment. 


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