Nutrex’s visit to Morningbio and Product Instruction

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MS. Danijela Gnjatovic, the technical consultant of Nutrex(Belgium) visited in Morningbio headquarter from 12th to 14th August, 2019.

During this period, she visited 5 feed millers in Korea and conducted seminars with the topics of piglet management, 

ASF in Europe and Challenges of the hyperprolific sow to share the recent pig industry information in Europe.  

She also presented the portfolio and technical information of Nutrase Xyla, the representative product of Nutrex, for our customers in domestic market.

Nutrase Xyla is an enzyme complex that mainly hydrolysis arabinoxylans which constitutes 70 percent of NSP(Non Starch Polysaccharides) in feed.  

Nutrase Xyla results in improved availability of nutrients and energy, increased animal performance and growth.

Morningbio will put our best efforts to understand the newest industrial trend and information through the constant interaction with our global partners 

to contribute to livestock industry progress.

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